Your henna was artfully designed to accessorize and enhance your natural beauty; taking care of your design will ensure a deep stain that can be admired for several days. While the depth of stain changes with each person’s body chemistry, here are some tricks of the trade that can bring out the naturally rich qualities of your henna (use at your own discretion):


  • Allow the natural progression of drying and flaking. Suffocation of the henna will trigger skin perspiration which can smudge delicate designs.


  • Avoid exposing to water for 12-24 hours after application has dried.


  • Applying a mixture of lemon juice and sugar to dried henna is a natural enhancing agent and prevents the henna from flaking off too quickly.


  • Clove steam: place around 10 whole cloves on a hot pan and allow the natural oils of the clove to release steam as you wave your hands a safe distance above the stove, allowing heat to be absorbed into the applied henna. Caution: overheating the skin may lead to irritation or burn.


  • Rubbing a menthol-infused balm (i.e. Vicks vapor rub) can increase circulation to the skin and provide additional heat to the site of application

Note: The image above are actual results from a KM Client, however henna coloring is unique to each individual person and no two stains are identical. Depth of color can vary from person to person and is dependent on body chemistry, temperature, the actual time henna sits on the skin, level of after care, etc. That being said, henna stains are NOT guaranteed.  It is always highly recommended to try a complimentary sample and test the henna prior to your event.