"I drew my first swirl of henna when I was just 8 years old. I'd love to doodle and draw all the time, never knowing it would become my passion. I experimented with mehndi cones and began creating designs. I have always been a meticulous person who pays close attention to detail. Most people cross their T's and dot their i's, I on the other hand filled in the paisleys and dotted the petals. The hobby grew into a passion around the age of 17 when I began working as a henna artist and started providing services to my own clients. Over the years, my specialty has been in bridal mehndi and traditional indian and pakistani designs. Fusion mehndi has grown to become a popular trend, and I've expanded my collection to embrace a fusion/contemporary feel to designing. I am particular about my work and take pride in every aspect of my clientèle's total satisfaction. I truly believe that it's a blessing to be a part of somone's celebration and feel that it's an honor that clients allow me to play a small part in their big day"  - K.M.


The KM Henna Artistry Beginner's Henna Class was honored to have guests from the Dallas Morning News join us. Read the full article here

KM Henna Artistry has in the past and continues to get featured on many top bridal social media sites, magazines, and blogs.